TopSecret Chat ™

OTR Messenger

Classified Data

Confidential Comms

Zero Trust Security

You in Control

Real Privacy

The messaging App for untraceable communications, anonymous identity and military-grade security. Free to all because privacy is a universal right.

Available for Android, iOS, Web
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Our free service is supported by volunteers and users like you.

Extreme Security

Our Confidential Computing technology with End-To-End and Multi-Layer encryption makes your messages untraceable and impossible to retrieve even if your device falls in the wrong hands.
TopSecret Chat never requires access to your device's storage or your contact details, on the contrary of other messaging Apps.

For Classified Comms

  • Choose between an account fully Anonymous or authenticated with your Email or Mobile
  • Advanced OTR (Off-The-Record) instant messaging
  • Ephemeral messages are protected also while in use by our Confidential Computing technology up to 30 days
  • Data stays in your E2E encrypted memory enclave and never stored on any device or server, not even temporarily
  • Contacts on your device are never accessed
  • No tracing, scanning, sharing of your comms
  • No ads or activity tracking
Indipendently verified and with a simple and transparent Privacy Policy
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Our Differential

TopSecret Chat is not to replace but complement other messaging apps when you need an extra security and full anonymity.

Other messaging Apps allow unlimited messages because they store all your data somewhere, at least temporarily, on your device or in the Cloud... this may compromise your secrecy and identity because attackers can use forensic technology to retrieve your data and metadata, even if deleted, for example when your phone is hacked, seized, lost, stolen.

With TopSecret Chat your messages are never stored on any device or server, not even temporarily, thanks to our Confidential Computing technology.

Who's It For?

Everyboby can use TopSecret Chat for free to communicate and exchange data with complete security and anonymity, without leaving any trace of their messages or calls.

Businesses can also register and verify their organisation's account to enhance the reputation, resiliancy and security of their communications with staff, collaborators and customers.

Carbon Neutral

We are committed to a healthier planet by operating on green-infrastructures.
Checkout the Climate Neutral Data Center pact for more information. Our infrastructure is powered by GO Certified Renewable Energy.