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Compare the main security features of the most popular messaging Apps
A communication platform for classified messages and calls suggests that the security and privacy of your data and metadata is essential, especially your identity.
Legend: Fully compliant Partially compliant Not compliant
TopSecret Chat
Anonymous Account
Register without a mobile-phone number, email-address or any other personal identifier
Untraceable Content
Your messages are never stored on any device or server, not even temporarily (eg. using encrypted memory enclaves)
Multi-Layer Encryption
All messages are encapsulated in multiple encryption layers all unically cross-signed, on top of the End-To-End encryption
Full RTC Encryption
Your data and identity are always encrypted in audio and video calls
Real Privacy
A simple and transparent Privacy Policy protecting your metadata always
Secure Authentication
Strong Authentication mechanisms to secure the access to the App, your data and metadata, independently of your device (eg. Password + PIN/Pattern + Two-Factor-Authentication)
Authenticating Signature
Users can independetly verify your Authenticating Signature via a QR Code, link or other public mechanisms
No Access to Contacts
The access to your personal Contacts, both on your device and via social-media, is not required
No Access to Storage
The access to your device Storage is not required, with no messages saved on your device, not even temporarily
Mandatory Set Lifespan
All messages must have a mandatory set lifespan, after which they no longer exist. No message can be retained indefinitely.
Free from CLOUD Act or PRISM program
Legal jurisdiction outside of the United States and no subject to mass-surveillance programs
GDPR compliant
Conforming to the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union
Immune to Online Safety Bill
Anonymous Identiy and Untraceable Content offering a high degree of resistance to the Online Safety Bill in the UK.
* The comparison was compiled to the best of our knowledge based on publicly available information (as of April 2023). Should you discover any inaccuracies, please let us know.
Is it Open Source?

TopSecret Chat's core-engine is a proprietary technology, not released under an Open Source license.
The Android and iOS packages are signed for authenticity and the server-code is deployed encrypted to avoid tampering and elude mass-surveillance programs. If you choose the anonymous download of the Android APK from our server, please verify the integrity of the SHA256 File Checksum.

However, we also reference some Open Source projects that are naturally exposed and available to the users for inspection.

We operate with the Zero Trust security model for complete protection.